Malenkij robot

On the 3rd february 2011 the libraray's guest was - as a part of the TÁMOP 3.2.4. program - dr. János Havasi journalist, general editor of the Hungarian Television (in hungarian: Magyar Televízió). In his lecture, he talked about the story of the "Malenkij robot" for his many listeners. The film "Time travel to the Donyec-basin" was projected, which he filmed in Russia.
At about 150 women and men started their way from this room on the 28th december 1944, and arrived on the 3rd february 1945 to the Donyec-basin's labour camps.
From the four living deported people from Gyönk two appeared on the evening: misses Horváth (born. Erzsébet Hartenstern) and János Heidt. Both of them were honoured with flower by the librarian.