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The wife of wives

On the 25th october 2011 dr. Ernő Balogh literary historian, cirtic gave a lecture in the library - as a part of the TÁMOP 3.2.4 program - with the title The Wife of the wives : the love of Sándor Petőfi and Júlia Szendrey.

Programmes which popularize the library

Several groups visited the library and the library's programmes in this month too, where it was possible to teach the library usage, to hold programs, and to demonstrate the the library's new services (which came true as a part of the TÁMOP program):

  • 8th october:  „Who love the flower” : a program for the 8/a. class from the secondary-school
  • 9th ocbober: Sunday of books – The library organized literature, grammar and historical quiz, joined to the Nationwide Librarian Days. The families with the best three result became a book prize.
  • 10th october: Library usage lesson for the 9/b. class with the title: Information and Society
  • 11th october: "I present the webpage" - searching on the library's new website.
  • 12th october: Librarian lesson for the secondary-school's 11/a class: the digestion of a book-content; librarian sings; using the catalogue; electronical library usage.
  • 15th october: International Day of Older Persons
  • 18th october: Library usage lesson for the secondary-school's 8th class
  • 20th october: "The wife of the wives" : dr. Ernő Balogh's lecture
  • 24th october: Library usage lesson fot the 7th class of the Hegyhát Elementary School

A selection of the most beautiful children-songs

On the 5th october - as a part of the TÁMOP 3.2.4/08/01-2009-001 program - the library's guest was József László Kovács and Ferenc P. Nagy. The entertainer performed in bands like 100 Folk Celcius and Tolcsvay Trio during their 20 years musical career. Now thei entertained the kids with a programme with children-songs.

Fourth training course

The new, 20 lesson computer training course started for the 4th group on the 14th september. This is a beginner class too, so the 6 people, who attended to the course, are getting familiar now with the basics of computer studies (basic informatics, managing files and folders, word processing, spreadsheet applications, Internet-usage).

The Márai-program began

The Márai-program’s main task is to popularize the contemporary Hungarian and children’s literature, and to pass these works to the readerschip through the libraries. (The entertaining (popular) literature is not a part of the program.) The concept itself was developed during the previos government’s period. To be exactly: in 2006, on the grounds of a Scandinavian model, the Hungarian Publishers and Book Distributors’ Association (in hungarian: Magyar Könyvkiadók és Könyvterjesztők Egyesülete) initiated it, but the program was not started. The new government, after it was formed, was meant to spend 1 billion forints for this purpose. Due to different governmental distraints the amount was finally 400 million forints. In Hungary 600, and beyond the country 48 institutes can purchase publications from the given money. The City Library in Gyönk could order literature and technical books from the given 500 in a value of 500 tousand forints. A part of these yet arrived and was processed.

Look for the books in our library with the Márai-program’s logo.

New training course

On the 16th august, a new (the third) group started with 6 people on the 20 lesson long computer training course.

Remembering on Katalin Varga

Katalin Varga - honoured with József Attila award and the Little Cross of the Hungarian Republic's Merit - died at the age of 83. The library remembers her with an exhibited collection from her books.

The computer training course goes on

The next group started his 20 hour leeson on the 5th august at the ongoing computer training course - as a part of the TÁMOP 3.2.4. program. This current class is an advanced gourp, which members use the computer with a relative regularity. So they can suggest about their personal problems on the lessons too.


A program - organized by the Cultural Centre and favoured by the library's personell and infrastructure - was in the building from 4th to 9th july 2011.
The "bored", smart, curious children, who are not at least desired to get new and useful knowledge, could get familiar with a full-day supervision with the followings:

  • the peculiar steps of hungarian and modern dances
  • the mysteries of weaving, stringing and clay
  • with new melodies, songs, joined with different types of instruments
  • interesting and exciting drawing techniques
  • with the experience of "viewing a movie together" by watching successful youth films

They showed the interested parents and the inhabitants of the city all they learned at the camp on a cheerful program, which closed the camp, on the 9th july at the open-air stage by the Dózsa square.

Computer training course

There is an ongoing computer training course in the library - as a part of the TÁMOP 3.2.4. program. The 23 participants are in four groups, and can acquire the most important experiences during the 20-20 lessons. The groups were formed the way that everybody should be able to sit to a computer, so the training can be more intensive and more personalized. On the course - which started on the 1st july and will go on till the end of september - there are three beginner and one advanced groups.

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